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Mobile App Info

Get The Wake Up Call Mobile App!

Introducing the Wake Up Call mobile App! Pay with your phone and earn rewards! Use it to track balances, view the menu, earn rewards, and more! Available for Android and iOS (Apple) devices!


How Does It Work?

Pay with your phone!

The Wake Up Call mobile app allows you to pay for your orders by simply scanning your phone with our specialized QR code readers. The transaction is handled quickly and securely.

Earn Rewards!

In-App Loyalty Credit

For each $20 that you spend using the app, you will receive $2 in credit that can then be used towards anything in our stores including baked goods and merchandise!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to some frequently asked questions about the Wake Up Call mobile app. Also, if you have questions about the app, feel free to consult one of our baristas during your next visit!

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a two-dimensional pattern that contains information that can be "read" by computers, much like a barcode! QR codes are a great way to transmit small amounts of information very quickly and we've leveraged that technology to speed up the payment process.

Can I transfer a gift-card balance to the App?

At this time, this functionality is not available, but we hope future versions of the app will support transferring gift-card balances.

Can I still used the old card/points system?

Yes, the old system is still available and it will be your choice of which program to enroll. The app and the loyalty point-card system cannot be used in together, however.

Can I leave a tip?

Absolutely! This is easily done when using the app. Simply select the tip percentage you wish to leave by dragging the coffee-cup icon to the desired percentage before scanning your QR code!

Can I convert the points on my card to app credit?

This feature is not currently supported, but future versions of the app may include it.

Are the loyalty points awarded differently?

Yes. Instead of being a "points" based system, the app provides a monetary credit. For each $20 you spend (using the App), you will get $2 of credit towards your Wake Up Call purchases. Unlike the old card/points system which could only be used towards drink purchases, you can now use your credit towards the purchase of anything at our stores including baked goods and merchandise!

Can I pay with the app and still get points on my card?

No, purchases made with the app will generate in-app credit only.

Can I redeem my in-app credit for cash?

No. In-app credit is only intended to be applied to purchases at The Wake Up Call stores.

Is my information secure?

Yes it is! The Wake Up Call has partnered with LevelUp to provide us with a fast, easy, and secure system of payment processsing. All transferred information is securely encrypted and at no time is your credit card information stored on our servers. The app itself has a PIN lock feature which we recommend using to keep your information safe should your phone get lost or stolen.